An engineering department specializing in the assembly of special machines

JDechaume meets your specific needs with a high level of responsiveness and quality.
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In the early 2000s, thanks to the impetus of Jean Lheureux, JDechaume’s special machines design office grew rapidly, enabling the implementation of numerous industrial projects.

Our team of qualified technicians and engineers is able to propose concrete, high-performance solutions tailored to our customers’ needs and expectations. Each project is examined taking into account the human, material and technical constraints imposed.

Precision and accuracy: core values at JDechaume

For over 20 years, JDechaume has been committed to delivering quality work to our customers. To achieve this, we are known for our precision and ability to find the most appropriate solutions to problems, while respecting our customers’ constraints.

Our team of talented engineers requires patience and attention to detail to produce the results we are proud to deliver. It all starts with the study and design of a special machine.

Engineers then draw up overall plans for products, machines or tools, and select the most suitable materials for their manufacture. Our technicians support the design and manufacturing process to ensure that everyone works together consistently.

This process allows us to follow all the stages of mechanical production in our design office, including design, manufacture, adjustments, repairs and assembly.